INTERNATIONAL SPORT MANAGEMENT s.r.o. (ISM) is a leading European provider of management services to professional football players and clubs. Our extensive portfolio includes also marketing services.

More recent transfers of top players include that of Patrik Schick from UC Sampdoria to AS Roma (2017) and recently to Bayer 04 Leverkusen (2020), Tomáš Souček from SK Slavia Prague to West Ham United FC (2020), but also Tomáš Rosický from Sparta Praha to Borussia Dortmund (2001) and then to Arsenal FC (2006), Jan Koller's transfers to Anderlecht and Dortmund and later to Monaco (2006), as well as the transfers of Milan Baroš from Baník Ostrava to Liverpool, Aston Villa, Lyon and later to Galatasaray.

Making use of our excellent expertise and vast experience in the football environment, we at ISM place great emphasis on consistent education, upbringing and football career planning, as well as on long-term cooperation with gifted young players.



Thanks to this philosophy, ISM currently represents over 100 first-class footballers. The list of “our” players includes Patrik Schick (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Tomáš Souček (West Ham United), Martin Pospíšil (Jagellonia Bialystok) or Martin Graiciar (ACF Fiorentina) as well as players appearing in the Czech Republic's first league, such as Adam Hložek, Adam Hložek, Václav Drchal, Ladislav Krejčí, and Matěj Pulkrab (all AC Sparta Praha), Jan Kopic and Jan Kovařík (both FC Viktoria Plzeň) or Stanislav Tecl, Lukáš Masopust, Ondřej Karafiát and David Zima (all SK Slavia Praha).




Pavel Paska, the sole owner of the company, established the business in 1991 as the very first player agency in the territory of what is now the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia). Earlier on, from 1988 until 1990, Pavel Paska organised a number of major transfers involving Czech national team players, such as František Straka (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Tomáš Skuhravý (Genoa FC), Ivan Hašek (Racing Strasbourg), etc.ISM s.r.o. has helped significantly to many former and current Czech national team players in building their successful careers by organising their transfers to world leading clubs, such as Karel Poborský (from Slavia Praha to Manchester United), Patrik Berger and Vladimír Šmicer (from Slavia Praha to Borussia Dortmund and Racing Lens, respectively - both transferred to Liverpool FC later on) and last, but not least Pavel Kuka (1.FC Kaiserslautern).


Representing players:

  • Executing and extending professional contracts
  • Managing transfers within the Czech Republic as well as abroad
  • Planning players'' careers
  • Organising professional medical care



  • Talent search
  • Player performance monitoring at both club and national team levels
  • Cooperation with international scouts in managing international transfers


Legal services:

  • Organising legal services in civil matters
  • Organising legal services in criminal matters
  • Organising legal services in commercial matters

Financial consulting:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax advisement
  • Financial products


Advertising and marketing:

  • Organising sponsorships for ISM clients
  • Organising sponsorships for events organised by ISM
  • Organising ISM clients'' advertising activities
  • Organising ISM clients'' involvement in social and sports events


PR and media

  • Organising press conferences
  • Organising meetings between media and players represented by ISM
  • Organising media partnerships for ISM clients